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Support your local literary festival

The Charles Causley Trust is getting ready to launch its 2021 Causley Festival of Arts and Literature in July.

Since 2010, the Causley Festival has brought people together in Launceston to revel in poetry, reading, writing, art, music, theatre and more. The festival has become a huge part of Launceston’s annual calendar, promoting the work of local poet Charles Causley (1917-2003) while encouraging others to explore their own writing and other means of creativity.

In 2020 came the coronavirus pandemic, which meant the Causley Festival committee had to completely rethink their approach to the event - they went completely digital, holding online workshops and events. It was a hit and drew in audiences from the local area and across the world - but there was one downside to this.

Sadly, the festival missed out on that all important funding raised from ticket sales and bar sales. Without this money, the future of the festival is uncertain. Now, they have established an online crowdfunding platform to raise money to secure the future of the Causley Festival of Arts & Literature.

It is hoped to raise £7,500, which would be enough to pay supporting artists, invest further into the festival and ensure the 2021 - and future festivals - can go ahead.

Every penny goes a long way, so if you can spare some money, please visit to find out more about the festival, what the money will be used for and how you can help and donate.

With fundraising having already started, the festival is now reaching out to artists to express an interest in taking part in the 2021 events. The festival welcomes expressions of interest from all types of artists from a variation of arts types - music, dance, theatre, art, writing, poetry, lectures and workshops. Artists should be comfortable with the prospect of performing, speaking and taking part both physically and digitally. Due to current restrictions, it is not yet known whether all or some events will take place digitally, but it is hoped that there can be more physical events this year, restrictions allowing.

The festival also welcomes expressions of interest from currently under-represented groups within the arts, including - but not limited to - artists of colour and disabilities.

To register your interest in the festival, email

The Causley Festival of Arts & Literature will take place from July 23rd to July 25th, 2021. Visit for more information about Causley, the festival and the projects the Causley Trust are working on.


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