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The appeal to help one local paramedic walk again

We are a community of good people, Lanson - and when bad things happen, many of our wonderful residents come together to help as much as they can.

So when an appeal went out to help a local paramedic walk again after a cycling accident, the kindness and willingness to help poured in.

Mim before her accident. Picture: Go Fund Me page

Ambulance service colleagues and friends have set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for local paramedic Mim Uglow, who suffered a cycling accident in April and was left paralysed from the neck down, and now requires a series of rehabilitation and therapy.

Just a mile away from home whilst out cycling, Mim slipped on loose gravel and fell. Unable to move, she was airlifted to Derriford Hospital.

Mim was told that her spinal cord was not severed, but it was found to be severely swollen and compressed in her neck, and the longer the swelling continues, the more permanent the injuries become.

This sudden accident has turned Mim’s life upside down, as well as that of her husband Ashley and two sons. Still paralysed from the neck down, sitting up in a wheelchair, she now relies on others for care.

Mim is well known to many communities in Cornwall. Before her accident, as a paramedic with a career spanning over 21 years, she would spend her working week saving lives and has been at the forefront of the pandemic caring for Covid patients. Now, Lanson, is the time to give something back.

In order to recover, Mim will need to go through a lengthy period of rehabilitation work, which will initially take place at the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre in Salisbury. She will also need physio, occupational and aqua therapy. In addition to this, Mim will need mobility aids, a specialist bed, transport and ongoing personal care. All of this is unable to be provided solely by the NHS, which is why the fundraiser has been created - to provide that extra support to Mim and her family.

The Go Fund Me page was created just a few days ago and smashed the target of £20,000 thanks to the generosity of the community and all those who know Mim. Now, they are aiming for £30,000, to make sure Mim receives the best treatment possible so she can return to Cornwall and Devon to recover with her family.

Can you help? If you would like to donate to the fundraiser to help Mim through recovery, go to

Launceston Life extends all our love and support to Mim, her family, friends and colleagues x


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