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The joys of spring

Stepping into a new season can be bitter-sweet. Winter - despite its twinkling lights glowing in the dark, and with plenty of picturesque scenes to be marvelled at - has promises of cold and often wet weather, so after the excitement and rush of Christmas, many of us find ourselves willing spring to arrive.

Bluebells at Lewtrenchard Woodland

We truly believe that there is beauty in each of the seasons. Summer, with golden sunsets, fish and chips on the beach, and long hazy evenings spent in the garden; autumn, with a noticeable change across the countryside, the planning around Halloween and Bonfire Night, and comforting, warming

meals; winter, with festive celebrations, old traditions, and taking things slow.

Spring, on the other hand, is a chance to breathe in the new. If desired, we can adopt new habits, make positive changes to our lifestyles and daily routines; we can create new goals for ourselves, and

look forward to exciting events and celebrations in the year.

But possibly one of the most anticipated moments of spring, is the return of colour to the countryside. After what feels like an eternity, the bronze, auburn and ochre patchwork patterns sewn across the fields, bare haggard trees and tired landscape begins to transform.

Greenery in the hedgerows and the first glimpse of early spring flowers start to unfurl from a long winter’s slumber, and while we’re likely in for some chilly days to come yet, spring brings a feeling of

hopefulness, and a reminder of those brighter days to come.

If you’re out and about and spot a cluster of daffodils in the hedgerow, a field of cute little lambs

or simply think the view from your window looks particularly lovely, snap a picture and send it to so we can share on our Facebook page.


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