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The Orchard Centre - a place for the community to thrive

In small towns, it’s important for local people to come together, share ideas and make great things happen.

But to support this, there always needs to be a special place to allow these community projects to flourish - the Orchard Centre is one such place in the local area.

Based on Market Street in central Launceston, the Orchard Centre offers plenty of space for local groups and meetings - whether it’s charities wanting to offer support to local families, or groups holding meetings for their members. During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, the Orchard Centre supported groups that found themselves with no space to run due to restrictions or their usual venue being closed.

In addition to the variety of great groups, the Orchard Centre is home to lots of local businesses, including All Woman Beauty, Kensey Therapies, DeScribe Translation Services, Cornwall Council Adult Day Care Service and Simon Wrench - Estates Management/Wills. The centre must generate an income to sustain the building and to continue its support to the local youth and wider community.

Overall, the Orchard Centre is a fantastic place for their tenants and local groups to come together in a happy, safe environment.

Monday evenings - Action for Children, Cornwall SPACE Youth Group.

Alternate Wednesday evenings - ManDown Cornwall

Friday evenings - Launceston Youth Project.

Many other groups also use the space available. For more information about the groups and activities that take place, or how to get involved, get in touch with Pat Orridge on


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