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Tree-cycling this Christmas!

Have you gone for a cut Christmas tree? A potted? Or a plastic? And what do you do with it after the twelfth night?

There are so many options for Christmas trees these days and various ways we can dispose of them or reuse them responsibly!

If you are a traditionalist and are choosing a cut tree, then one option is the Cornwall Council collection service. Check their website for updated information and dates.

If you’re heading Padstow way, then Beach Guardian CIC work with Trevisker Garden Centre and use old cut Christmas trees to rebuild the sand dunes at local beaches. Just drop them off at Trevisker from 6th January.

If you’re plumping for a plastic tree, then remember to care for it and store it safely to keep it in good condition to be used year after year!

If you’ve gone for potted, you’ve probably planned to plant it and watch it grow year after year. It could live on as a beautiful outdoor festive decoration adorned with reusable solar powered fairy lights!


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