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Ways to feel good this spring

We get it: the start of a new year can mean endless pressure to change parts of yourself or set unrealistic goals.

Maybe if we could be more content with the way we are and the way we look, and instead focus on introducing healthy habits for our mind and body, we could learn that feeling good comes from within and being kind to ourselves.

Here are some gentle ways to introduce some feel-good activities into your daily routine...

Move your body

Exercising for yourself is so important. On days when your mental health can be a little low, simply getting outside for a quick 20-minute walk, finding a gentle yoga routine or even braving the chilly waters for a quick dip in the sea or a local river, can really help clear the mind and ground you.

Creating art

Art is subjective, so even if you have always thought you’re no good at painting, drawing or creating, give it a go and see what you come up with! Grab some art supplies, or head out into nature with a sketchpad and a mini box of watercolours to see how the outdoors can inspire you.


Journaling is a fun and creative way to help you set realistic goals, acknowledge how you are feeling and reduce feelings of stress or anxiousness. If this is something you would like to practice everyday, or even a few times a week, why not treat yourself to a new notebook and pens, and try and set aside ten minutes a day to note down your thoughts, what you want to achieve and something that has made you happy that day.

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