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'We are so close!' An update from the Forest for Launceston team

We are so close!

It hardly seems like three months since we last updated you on the Forest for Launceston project! The exciting news is that the team have FINALLY got a lease in hand and other than a couple of i’s to dot and t’s to cross they are all but there. The team fully appreciates this has been an exceptionally long time coming, though this has been due to changes and delays within Cornwall Council.

We have had many members of the public enquire about the location of the woodland, though until the lease has been approved and it sits within community ownership, the Forest for Launceston are not able to insure the site. As the site is not insured the Forest for Launceston team cannot be seen to encourage the community to use the woodland, though the good news is that it shouldn’t be much longer until they have the finalised lease, get the site insured and can announce its location for the whole community to enjoy!

Thank you for your understanding and here at Launceston Life we will be sure to make a big splash once there is a date for the community open day and the location goes live.


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