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X-Ray services return to Launceston Hospital

X-Rays have returned to Launceston Hospital - great news for those who may have had to travel elsewhere for this service since November.

This was made possible by a £400,000 investment to install and pay for a digital x-ray machine, replacing the hospital's 20-year-old machine. The new machine will be available from Monday to Friday and on Sundays between 8.30am and 5pm. While the Monday to Friday service made its return on Tuesday, 8th February, the Sunday service will return on the 20th February.

Radiographers employed by the University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust will be able to provide the service to patients attending hospital clinics, who have received referrals from GPs, and staff in the hospital's minor injuries unit to diagnose broken bones.

Launceston Hospital matron Sarah Washer said: "The digital x-ray will allow radiographers to see more patients and obtain clearer and more detailed diagnostic images, more quickly. "The availability of x-ray services within most of the county’s community hospitals is a great example of how we integrate with our main acute hospitals to deliver local community services close to where people live."

The Trust will now focus on doing the same for Stratton Hospital.

Are you pleased to see the return of the Launceston Hospital x-ray service? Let us know!


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