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About Launceston Life

Welcome to Launceston Life, the community voice of Launceston. 

Championing community is what it’s all about for us here at Launceston Life, giving local businesses, charities and projects our full support through the range of products and services we offer under our company, Launceston (Cornwall) CIC. As a Community Interest Company, the profit we receive goes straight into supportive products to help our amazing community. 

Thanks to unwavering support we’ve received from the community since the Life brand was launched in 2018, Launceston Life has been able to expand its list of products so it can continue to boost the community’s potential and focus on what our town needs from us. Whether it’s through our quarterly magazine, online business directory, family guides and other publications, sponsorship selling or extra media channels and services, Launceston Life is all about making a positive impact on the community.

Always looking to get involved with local projects and events, the team here at Life endeavours to help bring out the best in our community and boost its full potential, shouting about all the fantastic projects, events and people so we can help give Launceston its place in the spotlight that it truly deserves. 

As a print and media company, Launceston Life recognises its responsibility to help the planet wherever possible. That’s why our magazine is printed by Deltor, which is just one of a handful of certified Carbon Balanced Printers in the UK. That means your quarterly magazine is produced using Carbon Balanced Paper and a Carbon Balanced Printer and is carbon neutral.

Meet The Team


Ellie Mason

Director & Client Engagement


Claire Pearce

Head of Client Engagement


Rosie Cripps

Head of Community Engagement


Mimi Attenburrow

Junior Community Engagement


Kim Ashworth

Junior Client Engagement


Emma Eccles

Junior Community Engagement

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