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65-year-old from Launceston to be the oldest person to swim the North Channel

Loretta Cox, 65 from Launceston, is a triple crown swimmer and still coaches Channel swimmers. She continues to swim, and each marathon swim she does now gains her a world record.

Loretta’s next swim will take place when she’s 66 years old and will see her swim the North Channel between Ireland and Scotland as part of the Oceans 7 challenge, making her the oldest person to attempt this particular swim.

Loretta first began her swimming journey when she took on the infamous English Channel in 1995. From then, she just kept going, swimming around New York in 1998 and Catalina in 2014 at the age of 58, completing a ‘triple crown’.

In October, Loretta will be swimming a six-hour qualifier with her swimming partner, where the water will go below 16°c. Her swimming partner will be swimming Catalina next year after Loretta’s North Channel swim, then they’ll both jet off to Santa Barbara in California where she will watch the swimmer she has been crewing, Nikki. Later this month, she is also crewing for a three-girl relay team out on the Channel.

As well as undertaking her own challenges, Loretta also trains new swimmers to build up their confidence while in the sea with her group Sea Club 7, where swimmers donate £7 each time she coaches them.

To be able to get to the next stage of the Oceans 7 challenge, Loretta is hoping to raise £5,000. To pledge your support, go to

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