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Futuristica: The local record label aiming to make a positive difference

Futuristica is a record label run by Simon Skolfield and Deborah Jordan, who are on a mission to support local musicians and create a positive impact in their community.

Simon and Deborah are musicians who have been working in the industry for over 30 years, with Simon focusing on DJing, music production and providing his pop-up record at various locations such

as Firebrand Brewery in Launceston and The Stannary in Tavistock, and Deborah, a professional singer and recording artist, offering vocal coaching classes.

On top of their private tuition, and the growing success of Simon’s pop-up record shop that sells pre-loved vinyl, the pair are looking to provide creative music workshops and support to aspiring artists of all ages in the Launceston area.

With her extensive background in singing and music, Deborah is keen to work with people of all ages who may have an interest in improving their own voices. Simon and Deborah’s work is all about encouraging people into the right direction, nurturing musical pursuits for people’s personal fulfilment, rather than a focus on creating the next global pop star.

“We believe that anyone who feels the need to express themselves should have an outlet to do that,” Deborah explained. “There shouldn’t be restrictions on art and expression; everyone should be allowed

to express themselves.”

Whether you’re seven or seventy-six, have hopes to study music, would like to gain confidence in performance or simply want to be able to sing better, Deborah and Simon at Futuristica can help. The work isn’t just focused on singing; students will be able to grow their own writing and develop as an

artist according to their genre or style.

Deborah said: “For some, it’s a fear of failure, or even a fear of success. It’s the fear of exposing yourself to someone, to be vulnerable. One thing you have to do is let go of that fear of judgement. Everyone has their own experience of music because it’s so personal; be open-minded and don’t be afraid of it.”

Simon added: “It’s all about self-fulfilment; it shouldn’t always be about success and failure.

“It’s a dream of ours to create a hub of music creatives and curate workshops here in the community. We made the very conscious decision to change our lives by moving to Cornwall and doing more of what we enjoy, which is helping people to develop their skills. We would love to hear from anyone wanting to do something creative and receive some support with their music.”

Follow on socials @futuristicamusic or email for more information.


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