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Launceston Rotary news: 10-year celebrations and photo competition

Launceston Rotary celebrates ten years in their community shop!

The Rotary Club of Launceston celebrated ten years of operating their community shop in Southgate Street, Launceston, recently.

The shop, which has a fantastic range of clothes, home items and more, has raised over £350,000, most of which returned by way of grants to groups and organisations in the Launceston area. In line with Rotary International’s worldwide aid commitment, £5,000 of profits are allocated each year to national and international disaster appeals.

To mark the anniversary, Launceston Mayor Cllr Leighton Penhale and Rotary District Governor Mike Champion were guests at a gathering in the shop along with volunteers past and present.

Cllr Leighton expressed his thanks to Launceston townsfolk for continuing to donate high quality items for sale and for supporting the Rotary Shop.

Launceston Rotary Club President Julia Hague voiced appreciation of the hard working shop volunteers, adding, “Without which the shop could not continue, we look forward to greeting regular customers, and are always ready to chat about becoming a Rotarian, shop volunteer, or perhaps applying for a grant on behalf of your local organisation.”

Rotary International is sharing worldwide responsibility for global warming, therefore the Rotary Club of Launceston has created an environment protection role, appointing Rotarian John Barnes as lead. John said: “Shops such as ours contribute to preserving natural resources by recycling consumables.”

Rotary competition highlights talent amongst young people

The Rotary Club of Launceston recently promoted a Young Photographer’s competition for people aged 4-18, held in memory of past president and enthusiastic photographer, Dennis Howson.

Rotary President Mrs Sandra Maizels said: “We chose Wild Nature as the theme and are astonished at the skilfully composed photos including a robin taken at close range by a 7-year-old and a perching kestrel beautifully framed in a blue spring sky, photographed by another young entrant.”

The competition was judged by members of the Launceston Camera Club.

Judging Panel member, Pedro Landers said: “Many entries demonstrated the photographer has an eye for a good image. Photographic skills can be learned but the ability to see a good subject is much harder to achieve.”

Mrs Maizels said: “We fondly remember Dennis Howson, to whom the competition was dedicated, and were privileged to have the support of Dennis’s daughters who generously donated and presented trophies and gift vouchers.”

The prize presentation took place on Sunday, 27th June in the Rotary Community Shop.

Launceston Camera Club topped up the prizes by offering photography tuition to the Senior category winner.


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