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Let’s Get Naked Refill to open in Launceston this Saturday!

People in Launceston will be able to change the way they shop with the introduction of a new refill shop in the town centre.

Let’s Get Naked Refill will open this Saturday in the White Hart Arcade, where business owner Jade Harvey will be welcoming new customers in to fill their jars, tubs and containers with foods, cleaning and toiletry items and treat themselves to some other eco-friendly products.

Launceston Life caught up with Jade ahead of the opening to see how her business venture is coming along.

With the final touches being added to this beautiful shop, which has been lovingly renovated and designed to create a modern, unique space for people to come and 'refill', we were able to see for ourselves just how much of an asset this little business will be for our town.

Jade, who was preparing to welcome a new till system, told us more about her inspiration for Let’s Get Naked Refill. “I was living in Oz for two years, so that’s where it all started really,” she said. “The eco side of things was just getting going and it’s so clean over there, whereas when you’re travelling through Asia the rivers are just full of plastic.

“I had been going along to the Bude Refill shop which was great, but then I started thinking it’s kind of defeating the purpose of what I’m trying to set out to do - travelling over there each time I wanted to shop and all the emissions, so I wanted to bring something to Launceston. Lots of businesses in the area offer refill stations, but I wanted to give it its own shop in the town.”

Jade, who is passionate about the environment and focusing on being as sustainable as possible, says the outbreak of Covid-19 was one of the reasons why the shop was able to come about in the first place.

“Because I was put on furlough, I was able to put all of my time into this project,” she said. “Apart from the help of a start-up loan, I have done all of it myself.”

The refill system at Let’s Get Naked Refill is simple. Just bring along a jar or other form of container to the shop, fill it up and pay for the contents of the jar.

Jade said: “It’s about getting people in the mindset that it’s an easy thing to do. I want it to be a fun experience for people and for people to enjoy coming here.

“The thing about being sustainable is realising that nobody is perfect - I’m not perfect, no one is. Someone who might use reusable straws might not be doing something else, and someone who is vegan might not be doing something that other people are doing - but everybody is doing their bit in different ways.

“When it comes to being eco-friendly, you can’t force people, but it’s about trying to get people around the mindset that it can be easy and you don’t need to make massive changes.”

Jade is both nervous and excited about the big opening on Saturday, but - with the help of her mum and best friend, who will be helping on the day - is looking forward to welcoming customers to Let’s Get Naked Refill.

“Just come in, say hi and I’ll be happy to answer anyone’s questions they may have about refill. We hope to see lots of people here!” Jade added.

Congratulations Jade, and good luck with your new venture!


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