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Mayor and deputy mayor pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Launceston have paid tribute and expressed their sympathies to the Royal family, following the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

On Sunday, 11th September, the Accession Proclamation was read to the community in various areas of town, announcing the accession of King Charles III following the passing of our longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

It is almost two months ago since His Majesty the King visited Launceston as Duke of Cornwall, along with the Queen Consort, then the Duchess of Cornwall, during their tour of Devon and Cornwall. During this visit, Mayor and Deputy Mayor Cllr Leighton Penhale and Cllr Helen Bailey, along with other local dignitaries, greeted Their Royal Highnesses - unaware that they would read the historic Proclamation a mere eight weeks later, announcing King Charles III's accession to the throne.

Paying tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, Cllr Penhale said: "The people of Launceston were sad to learn of the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II, as was our nation and the world.

"Much loved and honoured, having given a lifetime of devoted service, she was without a doubt an extraordinary lady, Queen, wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, who expressed all her love and faith in her radiant smile; she will be missed.

"On the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II, comes the accession of HRH Prince Charles, who became King Charles III. On 19th July, I was privileged to welcome him to Launceston as Duke of Cornwall; much was made of the fact that I had shaken the hand of the future king, little did I think I would be reading the Proclamation only eight weeks later.

"The Proclamation is read at five locations in our town, a tradition over many centuries and much

valued part of the town's history. The council was privileged to share this memorable time with you.

God Save the King."

Cllr Bailey, deputy mayor, added: "The loss of such a dedicated and compassionate monarch is so very sad it cannot be put into words.

"Our Queen's leadership and service was unwavering, dutiful and greatly appreciated by everyone. We will mourn her loss and support our new King in his role, as our Queen would have wished."

Launceston Life will publish a report on the Proclamation this week, so keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for more details. You can watch the live video of the Proclamation outside the Guildhall on our Facebook page.

If you have memories or personal stories you'd like to share from the time of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, email


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