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Town Brand update - here's your 'sign' to get involved!

Launceston’s Town Brand is available to be used for any projects that benefit Launceston. This season, the Chamber's Place Shaping Committee is embarking on an exciting wayfinding exercise with local stakeholders which aims to update signage.

The brand could unlock new touch points such as pole banners and ‘Welcome to Launceston’ entrance signage, but to make these visions a reality, the Chamber needs the community's assistance in identifying existing and hidden treasures to signpost.

Annette Baskerville-Smith, Chair of Launceston Chamber of Commerce, explained: “We’ve been having great conversations with locals and tourists via the Safer Greener Streets project which demonstrates the public would like to see a breath of fresh air injected into noticeboards, advertising and directional signage.”

Committee member, Ellie Phillott, added: “We're reaching out to every resident to keep an eye out during walks, visits with friends, or shopping trips. If you stumble upon any of these hidden treasures that could be signposted through physical boards or added to existing trails, snap a photo and send it our way.”

To contribute, simply send an image of existing or possible future signage locations you may come across during your daily activities to or via direct message to Launceston Chamber on Facebook. If you have a project that the Launceston Town Brand could benefit, the Chamber's door is always open.


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