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Try creative writing this autumn - a season of storytelling and reflection

Autumn is the perfect season for telling stories. Whether it’s old tales passed down through the family to be heard around the fire, ghostly spiels in anticipation of Halloween, or finding a quiet space to scribble down your own stories, autumn can offer a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the year and feel inspired by the changing landscapes.

Launceston is lucky enough to have its own creative writing group, which meets at the Gateway Centre Cafe on Friday mornings between 10am and 12pm.

If you are someone who has a longing to write, or is perhaps stuck in a writing slump and in need of some gentle encouragement, redirection and inspiration, popping along to this creative group may be just what you need to start you on your writing journey.

Delia Morritt, who runs the group, said: “Some people have just come briefly to re-inspire the creativity within them, some folk need more balance and structure with their writing and we aim to encourage and empower people to try writing or even step out of their comfort zone. So we have poets, story tellers, journaling enthusiasts, and encourage writing games and the like as warm up exercises.”

Creative writing can also help those living with mental health issues or loneliness, as well as physical challenges that may have impacted on previous hobbies.

If you would be interested in joining the group,even for one or two sessions, email Delia on If you have a therapy animal, dogs are welcome in the cafe too.


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