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Don’t miss the chance to mark National Organ Donation Week

It’s National Organ Donation Week, and to mark the significance of this annual awareness week, the famous ‘Coming Home Trees’ will glow pink on Friday 30th September, with a special event.

In the UK, around 7,000 people are currently waiting for an organ transplant and in 2021/22 more than 4,000 people had their lives transformed thanks to organ donations. Every day, someone loses their life while waiting for an organ transplant.

Only a small number of people become organ donors, but one donor can save or improve nine lives, and many more by donating tissue - which is why every donor is so important.

The ‘Coming Home Trees’ mean a lot to most of us in Cornwall. They signify the point when home is not so far away and, after a long journey from the length and breadth of the country, you can feel a little relieved knowing you’re ‘nearly there’, at last.

In order to mark National Organ Donation Week (26th September to 2nd October), the Coming Home Trees will light up in pink on Friday 30th September. To capture this occasion, Launceston Life will be hosting a Facebook Live video, starting at approximately 6.45pm for the lights to switch on at 7pm.

Members of the public cannot attend this event, so if you’d like to see the trees all lit up for such a great cause, make sure you head to our Facebook page and click on our Facebook Live event (pinned).


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