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Forest for Launceston finally opens!

Launceston has some amazing people doing incredible things for our community, often quietly working away behind the scenes to bring projects to fruition for the benefit of the people that live and work here.

The Forest for Launceston is a project most of us are familiar with now; it is one that took a long while to reach completion, mainly due to the many ins and outs around licenses and, of course, ensuring the site was safe for public access. But thanks to the hard work from the team behind the Forest for Launceston project, we can now enjoy the beautiful forest, located in Pennygillam Industrial Estate.

It is well signposted, just beyond Jo Downs Glass, and it truly is a tranquil site. Our head of content Rosie popped over there on an August afternoon with Hank, her small but mighty pooch, to explore the trails and tracks of this completely wild and stunning outdoor space.

The little dark jewels of blackberries appearing in the bushes were a surprise to see that early in the summer, and the rest of the summer wildflowers were out in swirls of pink and white, complemented by great thralls of greenery. One thing to note, if you’re thinking of heading to the forest this autumn, is to bring wellies or walking boots! It was incredibly muddy - Rosie may or may not have almost gone flying a few times!

A couple of things to remember:

Keep dogs on leashes and pick up after your pooch

Treat wildlife and your surroundings with respect

Bring wellies or walking boots, and suitable clothes

Take care around uneven paths, barbed wire fencing and slippery slopes

Take any litter home with you

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