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HUBcornwall: A new co-working space for Hair, Art, Education and Wellbeing experts

Craig Chapman, the multi award-winning hairdresser and salon owner, has recently launched HUBcornwall, a new luxury co-working space for hair, art, wellbeing and education experts in Cornwall. Designed to empower the growth of creative individuals, this co-working concept enables stylists, barbers, colour specialists, make-up artists and nail technicians, alongside wellbeing experts and artists to rent their own space for as many months, weeks, days or even just hours needed to best service their clientele.

The previous super-stylish Craig Chapman salon, nestled in the heart of Launceston, has been revolutionised to create a light, calm and relaxing environment designed to offer creative individuals the opportunity to explore their business dreams alongside likeminded individuals. The open space not only offers all the facilities expected of a boutique salon, but members also have access to services such as a fully stocked Kevin Murphy Colour.Me Bar, a refreshment menu and even a host who will be on hand to meet and greet clients, help make sure your day runs smoothly and ensure the guest experience is as luxurious as possible. HUBcornwall owner, Craig Chapman, said: “I have been involved in the hair industry for more than 38 years and it is clear to me that it is changing and professionals are looking for more independence and freedom. I created HUBcornwall as it gives the opportunity for people to not only be their own boss, but to ensure there is no limit on their creative possibilities or the level of success that can be achieved. “It has already been amazing to welcome such a great group of small business owners into our space and we look forward to welcoming more like-minded creative people to our modern, high-end studio space and support them onto becoming successful entrepreneurs." The space offers members the opportunity to hire one of 8 chairs or studio space for up to 10 people, as well as the opportunity to participate in regular exclusive events and education sessions with leading experts and speakers. Vanessa Tucker, a wellbeing expert, therapist, acclaimed author and one of the first HUBcornwall members, said: “Cornwall has been crying out for a space like this; somewhere that provides the benefits of a professional workspace, as well as the support and natural networking that happens when people work together – it’s the community that truly makes a space work. “It can sound idealistic, but HUBcornwall really creates an energy that’s hard to match, and that has already filtered through not only into my business but into all of the other individuals that are based here too.” HUB Membership costs £100 (+VAT) per month and a styling chair or studio access then costs an additional £15.00 (+VAT) per hour. For full studio hire, exhibitions wall rentals or any other enquiries contact host Emma via


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