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SILC Counselling Service appeals for business sponsors

Launceston-based SILC Counselling Service is appealing for businesses in the local area to sponsor the service.

The local counselling service, led by Step into Learning, has been running since 2021 and was established to address the overwhelming need for more counselling services in the area. It’s a free service for Launceston and Bude areas, but will be unable to remain so if it cannot get further funding.

Last year SILC provided over 1,000 hours of free face-to-face counselling. The service also trains new

counsellors to ensure as many people as possible can get the help they need.

The demand for counselling has grown so much that SILC recently made the temporary decision to close its books and create a waiting list - painting a picture of just how vital this free service is to so many people. With no further funding, the team have had to come up with a way to ensure the service can remain free.

Stephen Howard from SILC said: “We’re finding that it’s becoming harder and harder to run SILC, because we’re having to fund it ourselves.

“I came up with the idea of seeking sponsors, and so we approached local businesses. It costs a business just £360 to sponsor SILC for a year and this provides 24 hours of counselling for the local community. It costs between £20,000 to £30,000 to deliver 1,000 hours.”

The SILC team would like to gain sponsorship support from around 50 local businesses in Launceston, and is encouraging businesses to reach out for more information. Any business that sponsors SILC will receive an official sponsorship sticker to place in their shop doors and windows, as well as staff mental health awareness training to better understand the difficulties people in their workforce may be facing and how to support them.

“Not only will this help make SILC sustainable, but it also brings a community of businesses together to raise awareness of mental health issues” Stephen added. “Support from businesses will allow the counselling service to remain free, boosting the wellbeing of the Launceston community”.

If you’re interested in finding out more about SILC and the sponsorship opportunities available, call

01566 770729 or email


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