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Max on a mission!

Launceston Life’s Ellie had a shock towards the end of 2023, when her beloved cat Max, who so many of you find in each magazine for the the competition, went missing in October.

Max went missing for three months before being reunited with Ellie and family again

After settling into their new home, a move high up on Bodmin Moor, Max simply vanished one weekend. Despite extensive efforts, including calls, searches, and social media posts, Max remained elusive, and hopes dwindled over three challenging months, exacerbated by storms and snow.

Then, finally, a glimmer of hope as a call came in about a little black cat spotted for a couple of months a few miles away. Sceptical yet hopeful, Ellie investigated. Initially timid, the cat responded to Ellie's familiar call and a heartwarming head bump confirmed Ellie's intuition—Max was found.

A visit to Castle Vets, where Max's microchip was scanned (soon to be a legal requirement for cat owners), confirmed the joyful reunion. Despite three months of outdoor living, Max was in remarkable condition. With tears of joy, Ellie brought her beloved feline companion home, marking the end of Max's Moorland Mission!


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