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New Year, New Home? David Robinson from DJR Estate Agents tells us more

What’s going on in the property market? I’m often asked this question and, despite the press, this autumn has been hugely successful for DJR Estate Agents.

It has been a particularly busy September and October, with properties being snapped up by

buyers, primarily from out of the area, keen to benefit from gradually reducing mortgage rates and

a bit more economic stability.

Next year will be an interesting time in the property market, mainly influenced by geopolitical conditions and their potential effects on our economy, together with the General Election scheduled for late 2024, whereby (historically) buyers generally adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach. As always the fundamental law of supply and demand will have the greatest effect so it is imperative to seek expert advice, sooner rather than later, from an Agent who knows how to handle the sale of your property in this beautiful part of the West Country.

Feel free to arrange an appointment on 01566 777888 or pop into my office at Homeleigh to meet one of my experienced team members.


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