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Pam celebrates 50 years at Robertson's Jewellers

Pam Bennett, of Robertson’s Jewellers Ltd, is celebrating this year, having worked at the well-respected jewellers shop at 19, Westgate Street for a staggering 50 years!

Local lady, Pam, left school to start as the ‘junior’ at the jewellers’ shop, aged just 15. At that time, the shop was called Trewin & Philp, before being sold to W. B. Michell & Sons. Pam worked as part of the team at ‘Michell’s’ under the watchful eye of Mr Peter Parsons, the Manager. Pam has often said that she was terrified of Mr Parsons in her early days in the trade, but the two grew to respect each other and became friends as well as colleagues. Following the retirement of Mr Parsons, Pam took on the role of Manager of the shop.

In 2013, the shop was sold to Stuart Robertson, who reopened it as Robertson’s Jewellers Ltd. Over the past 50 years, Pam has worked with many colleagues, and has served generations of customers, and is well known and loved having grown up and lived in Launceston all her life. Her family connection with retail within the town is well known. Her dad, Syd Bridgman, owned J.T. Gillbard the ironmongers for many years, assisted by his son (Pam’s brother), Doug Bridgeman, who latterly worked at The Hardware Centre.

Stuart Robertson, director and owner, said: “I am personally so proud to have worked with and been friends with Pam for the past 27 years, both in our days with Livingston’s Jewellers and Robertson’s Jewellers, and I know that I join with the rest of my colleagues at Launceston and Wadebridge in wishing Pam our love and congratulations on such a momentous occasion.”

Congratulations, Pam!

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