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The Colour Lounge offers new trichology treatments for people with hair loss conditions

Launceston business The Colour Lounge is now proudly offering trichology treatments to people that suffer from scalp and skull conditions, after business owner Lisa Whitehouse successfully qualified as a trichologist.

The Launceston hairdressing business has added another string to its bow. A trichologist is medically trained to diagnose all types of hair loss, hair disorders and scalp conditions. Hair loss affects around 50% of the population.With her latest qualification, Lisa is the first and only trichologist in Cornwall thus far, although she hopes there will be others to follow.

“Trichologists are the ones that can help with these conditions,” she told Launceston Life. “The quicker it’s diagnosed, there’s more chance the treatment will be successful. You might not be able to cure it, but it can halt the condition for some time.”

The treatments will take place in the salon, in its own separate space upstairs called The Hair Loss Lounge, where Lisa will welcome both men and women for trichology appointments.

In addition to her trichology qualification, Lisa has recently completed a course with My New Hair, which works to supply wigs for people with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Speaking on being the first trichologist in Cornwall, Lisa said: “I’m here if people do need me. Sometimes it’s just reassurance that people need, so I can give advice and provide the right resources.

“Hair is what makes us feel confident. To be able to help anyone suffering with hair loss, is great. I want the community to know that there’s someone in Launceston that’s looking out for people. I want to use my knowledge around hair to help ladies and men feel better about themselves and know I have the qualification to back that up."

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