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Crafting a better life for animals!

‘Paws for Thought’ is providing a space for local crafters to sell their products whilst raising money for animal charities.

Chris has a little pet shop next door to Liberty Café in Northgate Street called ‘Paws for Thought’. This little shop is a little bit more than just treats and toys for our furry friends as Chris aims to support local crafters and charities through his product selection.

There are beautiful fashion accessories from suppliers such as ‘Cornish Dog Wear’, with lots of leads, collars and for the flashier occasions, you can treat your four-legged friend to a little bow or bandanna with plenty of Cornish tartan options available.

Last year, Chris created a community interest company (CIC) called Freddie’s Friends Foundation. Chris’ passions for animal welfare were born from his trip to Thailand where the mistreatment of street dogs was an everyday, heart-breaking experience and his eyes were opened to the abuse prevalent in the treatment of working and performing elephants.

This influenced the creation of ‘Paws for Thought’ with its ethos to source as many local products as possible that are then retailed locally with proceeds distributed to a number of Cornish animal charities and a few animal rescue centres and charities supporting animals abroad.

Chris has a whole room dedicated to support local crafters that is turning into a lovely gift section ready for some Christmas shopping! Clay County Cat Care have some items including a Christmas card range if you want to get ahead for the festive season. There are also some lovely craft gift items from Prickles and Paws Hedgehog Rescue.

100% of all profits on the craft items from animal charities goes back to the charity that provided them. Chris just facilitates the space to sell them and even subsidises the card transaction fee. For crafters that are not directly a charity, they receive 100% of their profits which they then donate 20% of the profits themselves to their chosen animal charity.

There is even a ‘pre-loved’ basket where members of the community can donate their used pet items for others to buy at their own suggested price. This initiative has currently raised around £200.

Chris is currently raising money to support a project abroad to help street dogs in Thailand. Chris told Launceston Life that with the approach of monsoon season many dogs will face a high risk of drowning throughout the season. He hopes to raise money for spays and neutering that will prevent hundreds of puppies being born to help stop the damaging cycle.

Chris is painfully aware that there is also a huge need to support local animal charities and would like to raise awareness around the services provided by local rescue centres and animal charities. If anyone is struggling with the care of a pet and would benefit from some advice and support, he would be more than happy to be an information hub and offer advice and leads of support for anyone who needs it.

Chris told Launceston Life: “I am just a person who loves animals and I am lucky enough to be in a position to help where I can. The feedback we have had both from the local community and visitors to Cornwall has been amazing!”

If you are a local crafter that would like to sell your wares in ‘Paws for Thought’ and also raise money for an animal charity then please pop in and chat to Chris or contact him via email:


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