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Embrace autumn with a warm hug

It can be a time that people dread - colder starts, and often dreary weather; but autumn can be a season filled with so much joy, and we want to share what it means to us so we can all focus on the positive things autumn brings.

There are some wonderful celebrations and annual events that come about in the autumn - from harvest festivals, to Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night. Autumn is a chance for us all to embrace the changing season, and reflect as nature pauses in preparation for spring.

Here’s what some of the team at Life Community Media love most about autumn…

Ellie, director, loves the simplicity of autumn and the beautiful things it brings: “I love soups, boots and the autumn leaves, all different colours.”

Mimi, junior community engagement, loves to explore nature during this season, particularly with her huge family of animals: “I love the cosy, colder, stark nights when you can see your breath while watching twinkling stars; I like the changing orange colours and crispy leaves, the spider webs and the fact that nature seems a little closer as we all adjust to the shortening days. Also pumpkins are amazing! I love carving pumpkins and watching them glow with a little tea light and dressing myself and my animals up for Halloween is great! I also love jumpers and seasonal lattes!”

Claire, head of client engagement, enjoys being outside during autumn: “I love the smell of fires burning in the crisp air. Wrapping up in hats and big coats and going for a walk, with crunchy leaves underfoot as I walk through the empty trees. The blanket of warm colours. The Thought of nature letting go and having a break, ready to come back all anew. The taste and aroma of homemade soup.”

Emma, junior community engagement, often feels transported back to her childhood at this time of year: “The child in me loves crunching through fallen leaves and searching for conkers and acorns. The hot chocolate after a long walk amongst russet and fiery red and amber coloured trees. The adult in me loves the fashion (structured coats and jackets ahoy!) and accessories that the seasonal change brings, and the red wine that’s suddenly a lot more palatable again on a chilly evening by the fire after a hot summer of refreshing white wines! The baked potatoes, the pies and crumbles from the fruit harvest, the comfort food. The fiery sunrises and sunsets, and the days that feel like summer in the sunshine, but winter in the shade.”

Rosie, head of community engagement, loves the inspiration autumn brings: “I feel autumn brings a sense of renewal. The greens and vivid palette of summer withers away to reveal the coppers and dull browns of autumn, giving us all the chance to sit back and dream of new life, which will come swiftly in the spring after the harshness of winter. It’s the perfect time to draw inspiration from the season, and delve into crafts, writings and other hobbies.

When autumn comes around, I love nothing more than a long stomp across the countryside with the dog, and then popping into my local pub on the way home to snuggle down by the fire with a warming drink. I also adore the thrill of Halloween, carving pumpkins to pop in the window, and the chilled smoky air that comes with Bonfire Night.”

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