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Innovative dementia day care comes to Launceston

An award-winning, not-for-profit dementia day care service has expanded into Launceston, offering a fresh, cost-effective alternative to dementia day centres, and opening up permanent job opportunities for local people.

The Filo Project delivers high quality day care through its innovative model whereby carefully selected hosts open up their homes for small groups of older people with early to moderate dementia.

A day at Filo feels like a fun day out with friends. Hosts collect clients for a shared, joyful day and home-cooked lunch in their home. It’s a relaxed, sociable environment and what they get up to each day flexes to each group’s different interests and abilities.

The consistent, quality social interaction in a homely setting allows clients to grow in confidence, make friends and reduce their risk of isolation. Many find their dementia symptoms stabilise or even improve. Meanwhile, family carers benefit from regular, extended breaks and can access Filo’s personalised Family Support Service.

If you are interested in becoming a host or to find out more visit or call 0333 939 8225


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