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Launceston Town Plan Group explores ways to revitalise town centre

Covid-19 has presented many challenges to us all over the past 18 months, however it has also offered Launceston a unique opportunity to explore how best to revitalise the town centre and attract visitors back.

After the first national lockdown in April 2020, a small group of people representing different organisations came together in response to the government’s ‘Reopening Highstreets’ agenda which was intended to encourage people back into towns once restrictions were eased, resulting in street closures and the addition of sanitiser stations, signage and maps.

Since those early days the Launceston Town Plan Group has grown in representation (including Town Council, Chamber of Commerce, Cornwall Council, Launceston CIC, the Orchard Centre and Launceston CDT) and has submitted a number of funding applications with a view to investing in the town centre and plan for the future. The group were recently successful in a funding application which will see proposals for safer, greener streets in the town centre, creating a town centre which is more accessible and enjoyable for pedestrians and cyclists whilst also increasing planting, providing seating and promoting better use of outdoor space for events and business.


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