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Say ‘hello’ to the friendliest feline in town!

Have you spotted a young cat on a lead, walking around Lanson recently?

That’ll be Alexander, the 10-month-old Bengal cat, exploring all the nooks and crannies of our old town with his owner Rick Down.

Rick chooses to walk Alexander on a lead to ensure his safety while allowing him to explore as every cat should! Walking Alexander also means they have had encounters with other people walking their own pets - in the form of a four-legged pooch!

Rick said: “He has met other people and dogs and he shows great curiosity with caution when approaching dogs. He doesn’t seem to pay too much attention to people when he’s approaching a dog. He has also met other cats and, again, he approaches them with curiosity and caution.”

Alexander is loved dearly by his owner, and is becoming increasingly well known around Launceston as people spot the two of them exploring different areas of the town.

“His personality is lovely. He’s friendly, cuddly when he wants to be, playful - and as cats can be, a nuisance, but a loveable nuisance!” Rick added. “I hope as he gets older and I continue to care for him and walk him, we can gradually go further afield. I believe it is possible he can have a much more adventurous life than the average cat!”

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