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Take inspiration from autumn for a cosy season of writing and reading

Autumn is almost upon us, and while the wind howls outside and the rain comes down, now is the perfect time to think about grabbing your favourite cosy blanket, settling into a comfy chair and getting stuck into a good book or putting pen to paper.

There is so much to be inspired by as autumn settles in over Cornwall - trees brimming with tasty apples, the changing colour of the countryside, bramble hedges, smoky cold air, leaves crunching on the ground...

The Charles Causley Trust have provided us with their top three tips on how to have a creative and inspirational autumn for your reading and writing projects.

Embrace the change of seasons

Autumn is one of the most creatively enriching periods of the year. So much emotion can be drawn from the way that the nature surrounding us prepares for the harsh realities of winter. Get outside and watch the leaves fall from trees, changing from yellow to orange to brown. Capture this process forever by writing it down in your own words.

Create the ultimate cosy TBR list

Cosy evenings with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other are essential for autumn. Take a look at new books on the scene that will be perfect for these moments after work at the end of the day. Feel good reads will keep you feeling bright as the dark nights creep in.

Instil regular writing habits

Inspiration can be drawn from the smallest and most ordinary things. Don’t underestimate those thoughts or feelings when you first wake up, or when you settle down to reflect after a long day. Try and get into the habit of placing a notebook by your bed to capture your ideas at the start and end of the day. You may be surprised by what you create at the end of a week or even a whole month.


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